Friday, October 14, 2016

Top Reasons Why SEO Services Are Still Important Even in 2016?

Even in 2016, the most important thing for a business that wants to improve their exposure online is that the website is well ranked in important search engines, most importantly in Google. In other words, your website should come up on the top of Google search engine result page (SERP) when searched with related keywords. This is reason why SEO is not dead and is still relevant, even in 2016.

The job of any search engine is to receive the keywords or phrases typed by the users and locate the most relevant websites by using those keywords. The simple rule is - if a small business is not engaging in Search Engine Optimization, it is not on the first page of Google and the other guy who is utilizing SEO is on the top with the same keywords. By investing the best SEO practices, you will be able to compete with those big brands while providing your business with 24 hours exposure. Let’s have a look on the reasons why SEO services are still important.

Optimal User Experience:

SEO is all about providing your potential customers with the easiest, fastest, and friendliest search experience possible. When you invest on the best SEO practices, the search engine provides the users with exactly what they are looking for, and when it is done, both users and you are satisfied. A satisfied visitor will surely become a returning visitor for your business website will give you business.

Optimal Potential Conversion:

Search engine optimization along with other best online marketing practices grab the attention of people who are already looking for your product or service. With SEO, you don’t have to scream to gain traffic, your potential clients will already be convinced when they search in the first place and get your website in the top. This helps to improve your website conversion rate.

Optimal Exposure and Brand Awareness:

Today, people blindly trust search engine results. If anyone googles with the keyword “SEO services in  canada” and your website comes on number 1, he/she will surely hit your website to find your services. This is the power of SEO. As people visits your website, your website conversions rate will be improved and you will achieve better return of investment (ROI). 

4 Benefits of Choosing a Quality Web Design Company

The modern online industry has become so competitive, so much that every small and large business is struggling on their way to find the best avenue to improve their business. However, the most important solution for any small or large business is an outstanding and excellent website. Actually, the modern users are extremely careful when checking websites. Therefore, it is important to add a professional touch to your website. If you wish to rule the online world by defeating your competitors, you seriously need to seek some quality web design services.
Hiring professional web design services will surely benefit you in the following ways:

Professional Approach:

If you just take a glance at a professionally built website, you will get a hint of the amount of excellent elements professionals implement for a nicely designed website. The layout, color combination, banner design, logo design, even the set up of content in the website, everything demonstrate how effective professionals are in terms of showcasing your business through a business website.

Consistent Brand Identity:

A professional web design company will actually create a visual identity for your brand. The professionals will work hand in hand with you to form a consistent brand identity that serves as your best marketing tool. A business with a steady and visible brand identity will leave an unforgettable impression in the mind of potential customers.

SEO Friendly Design:

Professional web designers always create a design remembering the SEO in mind. With a well-optimized, SEO friendly website, you will be able to get higher scalability for search engine spiders as well as web crawlers. This is actually important for Search Engine Optimization and only a highly expert designer can provide you with the same.

Increase Traffic and Clients:

A good website design attracts more of your potential customers. The traffic you receive in your website will eventually become your clients. The more you receive traffic to your website, the more is the chance that your potential clients buy your product or service. A professionally built, clear website must attract the visitors that arrive at the home page.
A good website design company with talented and skilled individuals will guarantee the value for your money and time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Google Easter Egg Has A Funny New Entrant for Server Status 418

An Easter egg is not something that people are not quite familiar with these days. It is the funny way of Google for putting its messages on different Apps and at times on the Browsers. It is good to have the Google browser for exploring all sorts of nice and interesting Easter eggs offered by the company to all its users. If you can use Yahoo or Bing, simply type in “Google” in your search box click on the link with "search the world information... “or "official website... “written over it. This takes you directly to the browser without making you download Google as the default browser.

There are several fun codes that are also called Google Easter Egg that can be found in any browser. Programmers usually leave signature codes on internet. Apart from Google, this process is also done while you use Yahoo, Bing or other browsers.

Google usually has great fun codes that anyone can explore. It is time consuming to look for such keywords. Moreover, searching for them is tedious unless someone talks about them pretty often. Have a look at the coolest Google Easter Egg found out so far.

•    Type in "Google Gravity" in the Google search box and click on the very first link flashed at the top which says ‘Google Gravity - Mr.doob’. You can see the entire page collapse after simply moving the mouse. This does not have any practical use. However, it can create an impression on friends and family.

•    Just type " Google Sphere " in the search box. Click on the very first link present at the top and then see everything moving in a circular motion. With this particular code, you can search any website and then hit the ‘Search Image’ button. The result is quite amusing.

•    In Google search box, write "Google Annoying" and then click on the first link visible on top. The words are visible in upper and lower cases and in colors.

•    Type in ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ and see your window tilting to the right as it is the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.

•    The search of "Google Mirror" helps you watch everything in reverse just like the image in a mirror.

•    Have a look at the latest and very recent Google Easter Egg for the SEO Geeks of Server status 418, which says “I am A Teapot”. The arrival of this server status code was announced by Google’s John Mueller almost through a hint on Google+.

There are several secret codes that are fondly called Easter eggs on net. You can search for them in any of the browsers if you feel interested about them. Zoom Web Media is a Web Designing and digital marketing company that has experts who has detailed information about Easter Egg.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Google Penguin Update-It is Helpful to do Negative SEO

Google penguin update
Since the launching, Google penguins have been dancing on the minds and hearts of internet marketing experts. They think penguin update as a storm, it could be destroyed all keywords ranking. As most of us (webmaster) at the moment are not familiar with penguin update, how it is centered to promote organic SEO practices, Firms who had adopted unethical methods to increase their PR and built their inbound link farms by way of immoral practices have suffered drastically by the hands of Google Penguin update.

There is still some doubt that this Penguin is going to take down all unethical practices and will be successful in implementing its moral guidelines. It is predicted that this penguin update could be boosted the negative SEO practices. It is now so easy to decrease SERP result by doing some unauthentic back link. The company or person who is net getting ranking from Google, he could be made some unnatural link to pull down their competitors. This has been taking place for fairly some time now that companies have a tendency to wreck their competitor’s web sites by giving dangerous evaluations, posting unnatural hyperlinks to their websites, damaging their on-line popularity so as to deliver their website within the top ranked sites.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a specific instrument adopted by Google to either verify or stop this practice. Google algorithms are simply there to investigate the standard and amount of back links and the way credible the location is thru its content, PR etc. They aren't able to differentiate whether the hyperlinks are posted deliberately to bring down your site on the rating ladder or determine the spammers doing this to your web site without your knowledge. Therefore the entire accountability falls on the webmasters or search engine optimization Companies to maintain monitor of their web sites and identify any unnatural back links pointing to their websites.

Since one-way link constructing is one of the main components used by Google to investigate the quality of a website hence many small or medium firms are using unfavorable web optimization strategies to sabotage their opponents and acquire better ranking. Large companies or financially robust websites aren't actually affected by adverse SEO as they've the legal energy and robust analytics to maintain the spammers away whereas the small players need to remain alert on their competitor activities.

Then again Google have to give you some extra refined and strict device to counter negative SEO practices. It needs to rethink its strategies to reward web sites solely on the premise of PR and one-way link numbers as a result of now with damaging search engine marketing this has change into much easier for spammers to carry their websites in high ranking. If Google didn't understand this quickly, it should finally impression its search quality.

Are you additionally a Google Penguin Victim? Do not fear and get your website optimized with ethical website positioning techniques.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now you can polish up Google’s translation of your website Wednesday

Webmaster level: All 
(Cross-posted on the Google Translate Blog

Since we first launched the Website Translator plugin back in September 2009, more than a million websites have added the plugin. While we’ve kept improving our machine translation system since then, we may not reach perfection until someone invents full-blown Artificial Intelligence. In other words, you’ll still sometimes run into translations we didn’t get quite right.

So today, we’re launching a new experimental feature (in beta) that lets you customize and improve the way the Website Translator translates your site. Once you add the customization meta tag to a webpage, visitors will see your customized translations whenever they translate the page, even when they use the translation feature in Chrome and Google Toolbar. They’ll also now be able to 'suggest a better translation' when they notice a translation that’s not quite right, and later you can accept and use that suggestion on your site.
To get started:
  1. Add the Website Translator plugin and customization meta tag to your website
  2. Then translate a page into one of 60+ languages using the Website Translator
To tweak a translation:
  1. Hover over a translated sentence to display the original text
  2. Click on 'Contribute a better translation'
  3. And finally, click on a phrase to choose an automatic alternative translation -- or just double-click to edit the translation directly.
For example, if you’re translating your site into Spanish, and you want to translate Cat not to gatobut to Cat, you can tweak it as follows:
If you’re signed in, the corrections made on your site will go live right away -- the next time a visitor translates a page on your website, they’ll see your correction. If one of your visitors contributes a better translation, the suggestion will wait until you approve it. You can also invite other editors to make corrections and add translation glossary entries. You can learn more about these new features in the Help Center.

This new experimental feature is currently free of charge. We hope this feature, along withTranslator Toolkit and the Translate API, can provide a low cost way to expand your reach globally and help to break down language barriers.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Making more page load instantly

At Google we're obsessed with speed. We've long known that even seemingly minor speed increases can have surprisingly large impacts on user engagement and happiness. About a year ago we rolled out Instant Pages in pursuit of that goal. Instant Pages makes use of prerendering technology in Chrome to make your site appear to load instantly in some cases, with no need for any extra work on your part.

We've been closely watching performance and listening to webmaster feedback. Since Instant Pages rolled out we've saved more than a thousand years of ours users' time. We're very happy with the results so far, and we'll be gradually increasing how often we trigger the feature.

In the vast majority of cases, webmasters don't have to do anything for their sites to work correctly with prerendering. As we mentioned in our initial announcement of Instant Pages, search traffic will be measured in Webmaster Tools just like before this feature: only results the user visits will be counted. If your site keeps track of pageviews on its own, you might be interested in the Page Visibility API, which allows you to detect when prerendering is occurring and factor those out of your statistics. If you use an ads or analytics package, check with them to see if their solution is already prerender-aware; if it is, in many cases you won't need to make any changes at all. If you're interested in triggering Chrome's prerendering within your own site, see the Prerendering in Chrome article.

Instant Pages means that users arrive at your site happier and more engaged, which is great for everyone.To read more

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Make Sure to Keep Your Free Hosting Service Valuable for Searchers

Free website hosting providers may be nice! Many of those services have helped to decrease costs and technical boundaries for site owners they usually continue to allow beginner webmasters to begin their adventure on the web. Sadly, generally these decrease obstacles (meant to encourage less techy audiences) can attract some dodgy characters like spammers who search for low cost and straightforward ways to arrange dozens or hundreds of websites that add little or no worth to the web. Relating to mechanically generated sites, our stance stays the identical: if the sites do not add adequate value, we generally take into account them as spam and take applicable steps to protect our customers from publicity to such sites in our natural search results.

If a free hosting service begins to point out patterns of spam, we make a robust effort to be granular and tackle only spammy pages or sites. Nonetheless, in some circumstances, when the spammers have pretty much taken over the free website hosting service or a big fraction of the service, we may be forced to take extra decisive steps to guard our users and remove your entire free internet hosting service from our search results. To forestall this from taking place, we would like to help house owners of free web hosting services by sharing what we predict could enable you to save priceless sources like bandwidth and processing power, and likewise protect your internet hosting service from these spammers:

1. Publish a transparent abuse coverage and communicate it to your users, for instance in the course of the sign-up process. This step will contribute to transparency on what you contemplate to be spammy activity.

2. In your signal-up type, think about using CAPTCHA or similar verification tools to only enable human submissions and stop automated scripts from generating a bunch of web sites in your hosting service. While these strategies might not be one hundred% foolproof, they can assist to keep a lot of the bad actors out.

3 Attempt to monitor your free hosting service for other spam indicators like redirections, large numbers of ad blocks, certain spammy keywords, giant sections of escaped JavaScript code, etc. Using the site: operator query or Google Alerts could turn out to be useful for those who’re in search of a simple, value efficient solution.

4. Try to check sing up data to identify typical spam patterns like kind completion time, variety of requests despatched from the identical IP handle vary, user-brokers used during sign up, consumer names or different type-submitted values chosen during signup, etc. Again, these may not all the time be conclusive.

5. Regulate your web-server log information for sudden site visitors spikes, especially when a newly-created website is receiving this site visitors, and try to identify why you are spending more bandwidth and processing power.

6. Attempt to monitor your free internet hosting service for phishing and malware-contaminated pages. For instance, you can use the Google Protected Searching API to often take a look at URLs from your service, or sign as much as receive alerts to your AS.

7. Come up with a couple of sanity checks. For example, when you’re working an area Polish free web hosting service, what are the chances of thousands of recent and legitimate websites in Japanese being created overnight on your service? There’s quite a few tools you might discover helpful for language detection of newly created sites, for instance language detection libraries or the Google Translate API v2.

Last however not least, should you run a free hosting service remember to monitor your companies for sudden exercise spikes which will point out a spam attack in progress.

For extra tips about running a quality hosting service, have a look at our previous post. Lastly, make sure to enroll and verify your site in Google Webmaster Instruments so we might be able to notify you when wanted or if we see issues.

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