Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Google Easter Egg Has A Funny New Entrant for Server Status 418

An Easter egg is not something that people are not quite familiar with these days. It is the funny way of Google for putting its messages on different Apps and at times on the Browsers. It is good to have the Google browser for exploring all sorts of nice and interesting Easter eggs offered by the company to all its users. If you can use Yahoo or Bing, simply type in “Google” in your search box click on the link with "search the world information... “or "official website... “written over it. This takes you directly to the browser without making you download Google as the default browser.

There are several fun codes that are also called Google Easter Egg that can be found in any browser. Programmers usually leave signature codes on internet. Apart from Google, this process is also done while you use Yahoo, Bing or other browsers.

Google usually has great fun codes that anyone can explore. It is time consuming to look for such keywords. Moreover, searching for them is tedious unless someone talks about them pretty often. Have a look at the coolest Google Easter Egg found out so far.

•    Type in "Google Gravity" in the Google search box and click on the very first link flashed at the top which says ‘Google Gravity - Mr.doob’. You can see the entire page collapse after simply moving the mouse. This does not have any practical use. However, it can create an impression on friends and family.

•    Just type " Google Sphere " in the search box. Click on the very first link present at the top and then see everything moving in a circular motion. With this particular code, you can search any website and then hit the ‘Search Image’ button. The result is quite amusing.

•    In Google search box, write "Google Annoying" and then click on the first link visible on top. The words are visible in upper and lower cases and in colors.

•    Type in ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ and see your window tilting to the right as it is the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.

•    The search of "Google Mirror" helps you watch everything in reverse just like the image in a mirror.

•    Have a look at the latest and very recent Google Easter Egg for the SEO Geeks of Server status 418, which says “I am A Teapot”. The arrival of this server status code was announced by Google’s John Mueller almost through a hint on Google+.

There are several secret codes that are fondly called Easter eggs on net. You can search for them in any of the browsers if you feel interested about them. Zoom Web Media is a Web Designing and digital marketing company that has experts who has detailed information about Easter Egg.


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