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Benefits of Article Submission

Article submission is quite useful to increase the traffic of your website. By submitting articles to article directories on the web the back links of a website is increased. Lot of article directories is there in the web. One just has to choose suitable categories and submit articles. But while submitting articles one should choose the category wisely. At least one should choose such categories that are directly related with the website. One should also remember that by submitting an article you are trying to convert your information to the large number of people. A huge number of articles are submitted daily to these article sites.  So if your article is not quite unique it cannot attract the targeted eye-catch from the people. The most important is to provide some information to the people through your content. Article submission is a way to advertise your website. There are some benefits of article posting. They are:
Ø  It Increases Popularity of Your Link: While submitting an article the writer is allowed to place a resource box at the end of the content where one can link back to the site. If your article is posted in a numerous article site you will automatically thousands of links pointing back to your own site. By regularly doing this your position in the organic search results will increase.
Ø  Increases the Page Ranking of the Site: If you get more links you will get more link popularity. Ultimately your website will be up in all search engines as it will increase your page ranking.
Ø  Increases the Visitors: People always attract towards the good contents that provide information. If you have a good article with valuable information and many people will read it and even will share it with other people. By reaching more readers you can increase your traffic and ultimately your visitors will be increased.
Ø  It Helps to Get More Links from Republishing: If your article shares important information it will be obviously re-published in many other sites also. It drives free targeted traffic to your website.
Ø   It Helps to be Established as an Expert: By publishing quality articles you will get fame as an expert. Your website will also earn good reputation. People will also trust you as an individual and they will be confident to use your product.
Ø  Increases Website Conversion Rate: Website Conversion Rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that come to your website and go on to buy. Once you publish your article more people will read it. If they will find your article informative and interesting they will surely visit to your website by checking the links from the resource box from the end of your article. If they find interest in your products they will surely buy from you. So it will increase your sell also. Some important high PR article list......................................................................
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