Friday, October 14, 2016

Top Reasons Why SEO Services Are Still Important Even in 2016?

Even in 2016, the most important thing for a business that wants to improve their exposure online is that the website is well ranked in important search engines, most importantly in Google. In other words, your website should come up on the top of Google search engine result page (SERP) when searched with related keywords. This is reason why SEO is not dead and is still relevant, even in 2016.

The job of any search engine is to receive the keywords or phrases typed by the users and locate the most relevant websites by using those keywords. The simple rule is - if a small business is not engaging in Search Engine Optimization, it is not on the first page of Google and the other guy who is utilizing SEO is on the top with the same keywords. By investing the best SEO practices, you will be able to compete with those big brands while providing your business with 24 hours exposure. Let’s have a look on the reasons why SEO services are still important.

Optimal User Experience:

SEO is all about providing your potential customers with the easiest, fastest, and friendliest search experience possible. When you invest on the best SEO practices, the search engine provides the users with exactly what they are looking for, and when it is done, both users and you are satisfied. A satisfied visitor will surely become a returning visitor for your business website will give you business.

Optimal Potential Conversion:

Search engine optimization along with other best online marketing practices grab the attention of people who are already looking for your product or service. With SEO, you don’t have to scream to gain traffic, your potential clients will already be convinced when they search in the first place and get your website in the top. This helps to improve your website conversion rate.

Optimal Exposure and Brand Awareness:

Today, people blindly trust search engine results. If anyone googles with the keyword “SEO services in  canada” and your website comes on number 1, he/she will surely hit your website to find your services. This is the power of SEO. As people visits your website, your website conversions rate will be improved and you will achieve better return of investment (ROI). 

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