Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Do Successful On Page Optimization

On page optimization" plays a vital part in Search engine optimization. Without doing excellent on page optimization a website can't preform healthy in Search Engines. Doing continuous Off page activities your website can get rank in SERP but the website doesn't get the actual targeted visitor. So for getting real targeted traffic for a site & to receive traffic from more relevant keywords your website need perfect on page optimization.

After choosing the suitable keywords we need to plan a strategy to focus on different keywords on different sections & pages. Generally we target 3 to four generic keywords on an individual page. A very powerful keyword of the page will be the first word in "Title Tag & Description". First of all we will start with Title Tag.

The maximum length of the title tag is "70 characters" including space according to major search engines. Weather you will see a lot of websites having title tag of more that hundred characters. We can make it more than 70 characters but major search engines like Google & Yahoo show maximum seventy characters in SERP. If your website has exactly 70 characters & it's ranking in SERP then you can notice that Google will show the exactly 70 characters of your title, other site that have over seventy characters have incomplete (with ......) title shown in Google. In the title tag we need to arrange our main keywords in a way that all the major keyword come within seventy characters.

A Description tag describes about the details about the page. Description is a summary of the page whose limit is ideally 250 characters including space. But we need to add our major keywords & combination of keywords within "155 characters" because search engines show description up to 155 characters in SERP. We need to create the description very informative containing summary of the page & must used major keywords. Some times due to a good description a website ranking lower gets more visits than the upper one. So to attract visitors create the Title & Description very attractive & informative.

In Keyword tag we include all our major keywords which we want to target on that page. Then in H1 to H2 tags we could also use our keywords according to the priority. Higher priority keyword will be in H1 tag, then in H2 and so on. We should always add only one H1 & H2 tag. H3 & so on may be more than one. Content interlinking is also very important but interlink only 2 to 3 web pages from content.

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