Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Important SEO Tips

Tips for SEO
1. A search engine optimizer should always research the target keywords which may be suitable for the online products.

 2. It is also necessary to have a clear idea about your competitor’s websites and their target keywords.

3. The first aim of an SEO expert should always to do perfect research of his business and product offerings.

4. You may also check the content and its title in the competitor’s websites.

5. You should always use the keyword suggestion tools and check which keywords can pull the most traffic.

6. It is necessary to research on the least competitive keywords.

7. The HTML code that you use should be correct and easily crawl able by search engines.

8. One should not use java script and flash in your website.

9. You should always use your keywords in the title tag and make sure that your title should start with the keyword.

10. You should always choose a short and catchy title.

11. You have to mention the name of your company either in the title or in the Meta tags for brand reorganization.

12. You must verify your website in Google webmaster tool.

13. You should write content for the users not for the search engines and always add a fresh content.

14. Don’t stuff with keywords as it’ll damage the taste of the content and always try to maintain keyword density of 2-3%

15. Check your robot.txt is working fine and not blocking important pages from being indexed.


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"One should not use java script and flash in your website."

Actually google doesn't have a problem with java anymore, and a little bit of flash on your site doesn't hurt as long as you still have your main keywords in html!

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