Saturday, April 9, 2011

Important Tips to Increase Google PageRank

Google PageRank
1. While using keywords tags always use commas. You shouldn’t repeat the keywords many times and don’t use too many of them.

2. It is always necessary to include at least one link to Google. Google likes quality traffic so more traffic you send them is better.

3. When you want to link your page make sure that you link it with Google and yahoo. But don’t link with other site other than your own site.

4. While making pages you can make at least 3 pages and link them each with other. If you do this Google will help any visitors to go from one page to another very easily. It’s a powerful trick to increase page rank. But don’t misuse it.

5. You can use H1 tags for your entire page to display it smaller while appearing in the Google. Google will give you additional bookoo points for creating everything so big in the page but at the same time the visitors will see it smaller.

6. You can use META tag & META description for your entire page. It takes just a couple of minutes to optimize the Meta tags on the web page you are building. While you may not influence the likes of Google, Yahoo, or AOL, there are plenty of smaller search engines that still spider the Meta description tag.

7. Always link back other people linking to your page.

8. Be careful about spelling. There are some words commonly miss pelt like PENS and ANGINA. These two can be easily miss pelt and can represent male or female anatomy respectively. This may cause Google to mark your site as adult.

9. Always use clever tricks while using words. You can spell the words using some special characters or sign.


YUSRAN said...

nice info. i like that, greeting . follow back in my blog.
I wait for advice and comment. said...

Thanks for the tips. We will definitely keep it in mind. How no. 9 can increase one's google page rank?
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Ishita said...

Google's #1 principle for quality guidelines on getting a website indexed and ranked: "Make pages for users, not for search engines."

Yahoo!'s #1 description of the type of sites they want to rank well in their results: "Original and unique content of genuine value"

hussain said...

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